Life Journey Publishing – $1500 consultation fee for substantive content and flow edit by Julie Salisbury



  • Royalties 40% net, no sliding scale.
  • Worldwide distribution to all major retailers/distributors, featured in Ingram worldwide catalog.
  • Opportunities for collaborative  Book launch events and collaborative opportunities with other authors.
  • Custom Book Design, typesetting, set-up fee’s, printers fees
  • Contract 2 years, buy out possible.
  • No minimum purchase of books.
  • Books purchased at 50% off retail price (i.e $20 retail 50% off = $10)
  • No commitment required for author circles, unlimited publishing slots available.

Agent – Coaching at $150 per hour to assist with writing the proposal for submission.  Proposal submitted by InspireABook approved agent.  If you are successful in being offered a contract, the publisher pays a small agent fee (usually 5%)  All negotiations are between the publisher and author.

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