Welcome to the Influence Publishing group of companies

Julie Salisbury is the Founder of Influence Publishing and our imprint genre called Life Journey Publishing. She is also the Founder of InspireABook, a workshop mastermind publishing program which assists writers to transform their message into the platform of a book, with a simple step by step system that helps writers to identify the purpose and benefit of their book.  Since all Influence Publishing authors are coached through the InspireABook program, the quality of our books means eight of our titles made it in the Top 10 Best sellers on Amazon.

If you’ve never written or published a book before we see that as an advantage instead of a disadvantage because we want to encourage you to write your authentic message to inspire change in the world.  Life Journey Publishing was founded to provide a professional publishing option for authors who have a story to tell based on their own personal life journey.

We provide professional publishing consultation and review editing for your book project, custom book design and typesetting and worldwide distribution for all our titles for a flat fee of just $1500.  To qualify for your book to be considered you need to attend the InspireABook Mastermind Publishing program or purchase the homestudy coaching package with private coaching at www.inspireabook.com

Sorry we can not accept submissions from authors who are not willing to educate themselves with the publishing process or learn how to publish a book that can be a best seller.  If you want your book, your way, we reccomend you pay for self-publishing services that have no quality control, professional custom design or review edits to ensure your book is marketable. There are many such services available on the market today that turn out books that the author thinks will sell, but does not take into account any marketing or publishing trends or professional publishing practices.

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