Can the experiences from your Life Journey help other people and influence change in the world?

Do you think outside the box and willing to expose your truth and your life lessons to be of service to other people struggling with some of the same challenges you have overcome?

Why does it matter that YOU matter to Life Journey Publishing?

Traditional Publishers do not want original thinking.  They want subject matter that fits into nice neat boxes and categories, but we all live a different life, in different ways.  They treat books like a fast moving consumer good.  If the publisher can adapt your book to make it FIT into the consumer market, AND they can change your words and content to fit that, you may have a chance of being given a contract to be told you no longer have any say in what is actually published!  Publishers don’t want to publish stories about REAL life, they want “Bigger than real life”  as you see on “Reality” TV!  They want to sensationalize your story to make it “sexier “

Why is Life Journey different?

Because we ONLY want authors that don’t fit into the box!  We want your original thinking!
Sorry, no fiction books.  We want the REAL story, your unique story, from your own voice, about REAL LIFE issues and how you’ve overcome your challenges in life and you can now inspire other people with your story. Did you overcome cancer, addictions, family and relationship challenges, depression, grief, disabilities, gender, cultural or race issues?  We want to hear from you!

“Living In Two Worlds”
A life of love

By: Joseph Martin

Healing Concert & Book Launch

Premiere of my Piano Concerto
& other original piano pieces
Featuring Niel Golden on Tabla

Saturday, 21 September 2013 at 7:00 PM (PDT)

The Church of Truth
111 Superior Street
Victoria, British Columbia


Dancing With Fire

Two Women Who Fall Out of the Ordinary

Available June 26th, 2012
More information about Denene’s book

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It does not matter if your book is just a dream, a collection of journal notes, letters, blogs or a half or complete manuscript – we start with the “purpose”  How will your life story help other people?

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